Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jack's Mannequin: Another EP in the future?

Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin has recently released to a recent concert goer that in the near future, before the release of the September 30th [what an extensive wait as it was scheduled originally to be released in April] and upcoming album The Glass Passenger; that there will possibly be another EP in the works. Surely this will definitely keep fans on the edge of their seats and waiting, that honestly is a good way to approach things by 'accidentally leaking stuff,' through music blogs and myspace streaming and all that good stuff. So I daresay I hope that the recent news is true and not a factual rumor! We'll keep you posted on this. In the meantime, here's yet another track that was featured on the recently released EP featuring two songs from the upcoming and long awaited album as well as a couple live songs from the past album Everything in Transit. This is definitely keeping me hopeful that not only that his change in attitude over the new album will not only be perhaps a bit more uplifting, and something different for fans, but just a great release overall and one that's been rightly anticipated. But here's the stream of 'Bloodshot.'

St. Vincent! [Annie Clark]

St. Vincent [Annie Clark] - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Along with some other bands and artists I've been stumbling upon, one of the better ones definitely has to be Annie Clark and her project St. Vincent. I've also discovered that not only Ladyhawke has a hit song titled 'Paris is Burning,' but also this artist does too. Both songs are unique and original in their own ways, and I have to say I'm entirely more fond of Annie Clark's vocals than I am of Ladyhawke's. Perhaps it's the fact that it doesn't sound like synthenizers and all those other instruments are taking up more of the sound than the vocals.
But here's the stream of the song 'Now, Now,' and an mp3 of a different song on the bottom of this particular post. If you comment, do be sure to leave some feedback - it will be much appreciated! As with reccomendations that any of you have to give. Enjoy!

New P!nk Single Leaked

I was browsing through music blogs and all that jazz, and I came across the new P!nk [you know, the one that sang 'Who Knew,' 'Get the Party Started,' 'U& Ur Hand,' and various other pop hits] single, gave it a listen, and had to admit that it was decent. Which is odd for me to say, being someone that'd rather stray away from such mainstream artists. It's definitely not an original sort of tune being a kiss off to her now divorced husband Carey Hart, in the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Britney Spears alike, but it's definitely some catchy shiz at the minimum. This song has even been produced by Max Martin, the guy behind many of Britney and Kelly's songs.

Give it a listen, yourself, and judge if it's a hit or miss! This is via imeem.
So What - Pink
Also, I'll be updating some more this evening, so keep in tune!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Flashback to the 80's #1

In light of the growing trend in pop culture, I decided it was only fitting to feature some of the 80's music that inspires singers and bands today. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Guns n Roses, Pat Benatar, Starship, Heart, Bon Jovi, to name only a few were some of the growing trends in the mid and late 80's. Their legacy, of course, most definitely lasts with many hit singles and trends of it's time. What are some of the bands that you or your parents grew up listening to? If you'd be interested in having them featured on here, don't hesitate to comment!
As with all the others, these mp3's will be up for a short time. These are being featured to spark some interest in these classic artists, and perhaps rejuvenate you to go out and support these artists. Enjoy!

The Academy Is... NEW MUSIC!

The Academy is - Chicago, IL
Alright, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect from this band. It seems like Fueled by Ramen bands these days are getting much more attention than a lot of better unsigned indie bands, but I have to admit I was impressed with TAI's new work. They released their first single off their up and coming album Fast Times at Barrington High [which comes out August 19th.] After listening to it, sure it's a bit poppy fluff, but I was suprised with the lead singer William Beckett's vocals which have drastically improved. Formerly rather a bit whiny sort of voice, it's now a lot more nice for the ears and makes you at least want to start headbopping to this teenage anthem - which I sounds odd, yes I know. But I promise you, give it a listen! It's catchy stuff, but that's probably the purpose of it. And hey, it's a guilty pleasure, but not the bad sort like a lot of the mainstream music I've oddly found himself addicted to these days. So have a listen at 'About a Girl,' the newest single released by The Academy Is.

About a Girl - The Academy Is...


Keane - Battle, East Sussex
It seems like the time of year for bands to be offering new music before their album comes out, as the case with Jack's Mannequin and other artists. But Keane's actually releasing their single for free, which is a rare thing in itself as they are quite an established band. It's comparable to how Radiohead offered their album for free a long, long time ago - it seems, at least. But I think this is great of them to do, honestly, especially for us music bloggers and fans that can't afford to spend every single cent they earn on a new record.
But here's the gist of this post! They're offering until around 11:00 AM on August 11th, their single 'Spiraling' for free on their official website. If you didn't see it above, here's the link once more, and it directs you automatically to get the download when you get onto their site. No purchase required, or anything! Via
This single's actually pretty good, reminding me of some of their older stuff!
It's worth the download, that's for sure, so go out and get it while it lasts.
If you're not sure if you want to download something before you listen, have a listen via imeem:

New Jack's Mannequin EP: The Ghost Overground

I haven't updated in a while, I know, but I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things.

Jack's Mannequin [sideproject of Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate] has recently released their tracklist for their upcoming album, due September 30th, the Glass Passenger. Knowing it would be an impossible wait for many of his impatient fans, he decided to make a quickie Itunes exclusive include a couple new tracks off the Glass Passenger as well as a couple off his previous album Everything in Transit. Have a listen at The Resolution, his first single off of the up and coming album. And from what I hear, I'm loving it.

The Resolution - Jacks Mannequin

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Female Singers

Natalie Walker - Alternative/Pop/Rock Singer
Originating from Indiana, lives in Pennsylvania; United States
Compares to: Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley, Allison Krauss, Fiona Apple, Kate Havnevik

I've had a recent writer's block, and it's been difficulty to get myself out of the laziness of not to write or update here. That was when I saw that for the first time we were featured on, and that absolutely made my evenining enough to give me inspiration to write and feature some amazing artists. Recently, I've come across a great number of female singers that have yet to gain much fame - which I hope will change as these are the artists that need all the support and attention they can; seeing as most of them are on independent record labels.

My first artist I'm featuring this evening is the lovely and most certainly talented yet outspoken Natalie Walker. Originally from Indiana, my home state coincidentally - which intrigued me, and now living in Pennsylvania; she is a contemporary alternative/pop/rock artist that compares herself with the likes [rightly said] of the great Fiona Apple, and Alison Krauss, as well as many outstanding female or female-vocalist led groups/singers.

As I couldn't even find her stuff on imeem, I'm just going to give you one of her tracks I recently got off of Itunes to sample and check out. Like all the others, it will only be avalible for a certain time only and then be rid of. If you like her, go out and check her out on her myspace:

I would highly recomend the song 'No One Else.'
Via Imeem:

No One Else - Natalie Walker

Kate Havnevik - Norway
Latest release: 2006's LP Melankton
Compared to: Imogen Heap, Ingrid Michaelson, Tina Dico, Frou Frou, Rachael Yamagata
Genres: Electronica/Techno, Jazz-Folk, Alternative, Pop-rock, Classical,

Next is another relatively more famous, at least in the United Kingdom and surrounding areas, is the gifted Norwegian singer. She's following in the footsteps of many women of the same nature and genre - that is being a mixture of jazzy pop and electronics - as Imogen Heap and many others have been doing over the past year or so. Some draw comparisons with her and Imogen Heap in particular, but I find that she has much more of a breathtaking and spell-binding voice that truly gets you intrigued - and not just through the background music. The music's quite theatrical at times, particularly in the Grey's Anatomy featured single 'New Day' in which a lengthy, but pleasant introduction starts out the piece.
Another suprising tidbit about the talented songstress is that she's independently funded, in other words, she'd self funded through her own record label.
All the more reason for me to egg you on in going out and seeking her music on I-tunes, or whatever local music retailer is in the area for you. For me, I get most of my music through Best Buy or through the internet. Mp3's are becoming the next big thing as many people are starting to feel as I do, and would rather purchase their music online and get it immediately rather than using a tank full of gas to go out and get the cd in its entirety.
Anyways, here's her myspace url:
Here's the breathtaking [and rather lengthy, if truth be known,] but fantastic nonetheless single 'New Day,' by her. Via imeem.
If you like the above artists, try out similar ones:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Uh Huh Her

Latest release - Common Reaction LP, 2008
Genres: indie, electro, pop, techno
Sounds like: Sally Shapiro, Imogen Heap, Ladytron, Ladyhawke, M83
I just recently found these ladies out, browsing through the top electro bands on myspace, purevolume, and whatnot; and I was pleasantly suprised. I also noticed that their single 'Not a Love Song,' was just released on I-tunes yesterday. I gave them a listen, and they weren't pretty bad - then I had my friend Bee give them a listen, and that secured my opinion even further that this were an up & coming artist. They recently glammed the front cover of Curve magazine, and have been making waves all across the United States, both in the clubs through electronic playing speakers and through the indie airwaves.
Give them a listen!

Not A Love Song - UH HUH HER


& a few bonus tracks. Remember, these will be up for a week or less and go out and support the artists if you really enjoy their tracks. These are for reviewing and publishing use only. If you would like any of these songs removed for legal or copyright reasons, please email or comment here and I will do so immediately.

Being Here - the Stills

White Lines & Red Lights - Between the Trees

Lifesize - A Fine Frenzy

Ccut Up - Duchess Says

Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap

Your Blood is Mine - Scarlet Symphony (via

Say So (Remix) - Uh Huh Her

That's Not my Name ( Tom Neville Remix) - The Ting Tings (via

Just Like Heaven - The Watson Twins (The Cure Cover)

California - Mates of State (Phantom Planet cover)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back from Vacation & Computer fixed.

- Tyler, TX ; Alternative, Pop/rock,
For fans of: Flyleaf, Evanescence, Metric, Tegan & Sara
Lately, I've been getting into a lot of female fronted bands. I've stumbled upon through a friend the three-sister led act Eisley most notably, and they're pretty good. There's a lot going on in their songs, with vocal harmonies, and unusual drum and guitar rhythms. Here's their hit 'Many Funerals,' for you to test out on imeem.

Many Funerals - Eisley

And here's a couple songs that you can sample, decide if you like, and go out and buy the album or downloads if you want to support them. Honestly, bands depend on the money they get from their album and mp3 sales so I'd highly and earnestly ask you too if you like them - especially with the gas prices so damn high many tours and bands are having to cancel dates.

These will be on less than a week, this time I promise, unless there's some sort of computer malfunction up again. Ew. Norton Anti Virus does NOT protect well. There's even a virus apparently that's developed to crash the system apparently.

Many Funerals - Eisley off of their album Combinations


Telescope Eyes - Eisley off of their album Room Noises


Bonus mp3's for testing & reviewing use only. Respect the artists, and please go out and buy the record if you fall in love with the song or artist. Today, they are going to be mostly folk/blues, soul, and remixes: the genres I've fallen in love recently.

You Know that I'm no Good - Amy Winehouse (Skeewiff Remix)

Shut up and Let me Go (CLASIXX Remix) - The Ting Tings

Summertime - Jesca Hoop off of 2007's LP Kismet

A little bit of background story on the next song that I'm offering this week. It's a new Lily Allen demo, that is featured on her myspace, but its not going to make it on her sophomore release because she sampled some stuff and was lazy to get the necessary copyrights if she'd use it on her album. Haha, I can understand laziness. But this isn't an A+ track, but her vocals are soaring on this song, and it's highly recomended.

Who'd Have Known - Lily Allen off of one of her recent demo tapes

Go On, Say it by Blind Pilot off of the recent LP: 3 rounds and a sound

nineteen - tegan & sara off of 2007's the con

Knock Me Out - Temposhark off of 2008's the invisible line

And that's it for today!